Benefits of working remotely: UK workers get back an hour a day and they like it Workable

There are various benefits of working remotely for both employers and employees. The elimination of the commute to and from work means more time at home to recuperate, and it could also mean extra time in bed, meaning a better quality of sleep. Healthier employees tend to be happier, more productive, less likely to require appointments with their doctor, and so on.

what are benefits of working remotely

More than a mere workplace trend, the concept of working from anywhere at any time is the future state of work. Technology is going to become more advanced and bring us all virtually ever closer together.

Effective Communication Protocols

As the COVID-19 crisis begins to wane and vaccinations become more widespread, many people want to continue working remotely, at least on a part-time basis. Nearly every facet of life transitioned to an online format in 2020. But the biggest change was shifting from office work to remote work. Receive job search tactics to find the best opportunities for you and tips for crafting your resume for remote-friendly employers.

  • It can get frustrating and lead to burnouts, adversely affecting employee mental health.
  • As employees become less stressed they are more inclined to be grateful.
  • Office spaces do seem productive, but they also contribute to many distractions.

As employees settle down with a fixed routine, the remote employees develop better communication techniques. Employees with young children might favor working remotely because it gives them time to be with their kids and creates a better work-life balance. Parents can get chores done during their breaks, and they may even be able to set their own hours to flex with their needs. Team members can keep in touch through a modern company intranet, so it’s as if they’re in the office anyway. If you work remotely and have your own office space you can personalize it to reflect your personality. You can put up as many pictures of your kids and animals as you wish, to create an inspiring workspace. This is all about making your work area totally yours, with your favorite plants or your prized baseball cap collection.

Location Independence

Many traditional jobs for college students require shift work, which can be difficult to balance alongside a full-time course load and extracurricular activities. If students need to take time off from work, flexibility is essential.

what are benefits of working remotely

Filter through the demographics, including location, to ensure remote employees are remaining locked in and productive. Another benefit of allowing employees to work remotely is the fact that work can be done benefits of working remotely around the clock. With location-based teams, all work gets done during office hours on site. But with a remote or distributed team, someone will always be around to answer questions and solve any problems.

Remote meetings take less time and are more effective

Nevertheless, it is equally important to highlight that, with some careful planning, the benefits of working from home can extend to the businesses employing those remote teams, too. Moreover, making it easy for employees to balance their professional and personal life often means they are grateful and happy. This recognition typically translates into loyalty to the company and high productivity. Employees who feel appreciated have no issues with working overtime to finish an urgent project. On the other hand, discontent employees are far less productive and less willing to go above and beyond. Having the flexibility to meet personal obligations, family needs, and other life responsibilities allows employees to work when they feel fresh and rested to accomplish most. In a traditional work environment, workers are forced to be morning persons and perform at their best during a specific set of hours.

what are benefits of working remotely

Statistics have shown that employees spent approximately 100 hours in commutation and 40 hours in traffic every year. In some extreme cases, the commuting hours can extend even longer. Here at Droplr, we’ve had team members working remotely for several years. We have the necessary experience to know what makes a remote team successful. As such, we are always improving our own communication tool so that it fits the needs of every remote team. If you would like to know more about Droplr’s remote screen sharing and file sharing platform, schedule a demo today or sign up for a free trial.

Creating Effective Remote Work Policy

When he’s not busy with his day job as a marketing manager, he mentors and coaches a local high school debate team. Talented newcomers of varied ethnicities are arguably making the city more multicultural. Meanwhile, the transitions at the USPTO and TCS have brought many people back to their hometowns. In San Francisco the average rent on a two-bedroom apartment is $4,128; in Tulsa it’s a mere $675. Additionally, a lot of remote jobs allow workers to adopt a flexible schedule and choose to work hours when they feel most productive.

These benefits of remote meetings make people more productive as they have more time to get the job done. Another one of the benefits of working remotely for employees is that they can work from anywhere.

The Benefits of Working Remotely

Before the idea of remote work is even mentioned, businesses must be sure they can meet or exceed security expectations to minimize a cybersecurity disaster. Once a company’s employees are spread far and wide, leadership will want to keep tabs on them to some extent. In a remote work world, this means managers can no longer walk across the office to check in on their employees. Instead, they need to schedule virtual meetings to discuss routine project management tasks. While digital meetings can be less disruptive than in-person meetings, they are rarely the highlight of the workday. And having too many meetings often causes frustration among employees.

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