5 Interview Questions to Add to Your Remote Hiring Process

If you run into issues, offer to continue with your video off and to save bandwidth. You live, breathe and eat code, and have fun figuring out how to solve problems.

remote interview process

Below are the steps we follow to create clarity and get alignment internally before posting a new role. Creating a process that allows us to get to know candidates without ever meeting face to face. For example, founder and CEO at SmartBug Media, Ryan Malone, notes that it’s important to measure candidates’ resilience as well as their ability and willingness to work remotely. No matter what style of interview you experience, always send a thank-you note within 48 hours of the interview.

Follow Up After the Interview

Regardless of whether you intend to pursue the job, send athank-you note or emailas soon as possible after the job interview to express your gratitude for the opportunity. You can also use this note to re-emphasize your qualifications or clarify points from the interview. This means decoding the job listing to determine which skills, qualifications, and achievements are most attractive to the employer. Then, use those keywords in your resume and cover letter, as well as during the job interview. Send a thank-you note as soon as possible after the job interview, express your gratitude and emphasize your skills. Prepare to answer remote work questions and demonstrate that you have the initiative, responsibility, and time management skills to succeed. Gusto.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

How do I prepare for a remote interview?

  1. Practice with the tech the interviewer uses.
  2. Present yourself well through your attire and background.
  3. Do your research on the company and its culture.
  4. Build a rapport with your interviewer.
  5. Prepare questions and take notes as you go.

For the sake of this walkthrough, we will assume you’ve decided to accept a job offer with Atlassian. The next step in the process is pre-boarding followed by on-boarding. Your recruiter should have reached out to you to confirm if your interview will be remote.


Of course, conducting a phone interview instead of a video interview may be the simplest way to manage this issue. If you need to review files during the interview, ask your candidate to email them to you ahead of time so you can look at them alone. Ensure you have these documents printed out and on hand before you begin the interview, just in case. The unprecedented global talent mobility of our times is a boon for HR managers and recruiters. They can now look beyond local talent pools to access the best people, wherever they are. But with a global supply comes global demand – competition for talent is intensifying, and is unlikely to diminish for the foreseeable future. Share your passion – Explore the things that you feel passionate about at your business, as well as any relevant experiences in related fields.

remote interview process

When you want to evaluate candidates, beyond written assessments, you can use virtual whiteboards that facilitate interaction, such remote interview process as FreeHand and Zoom Whiteboard. Keep your pipeline moving with Video Interviews, a premium one-way screening tool from Workable.

Get Ready to Shine

Consider your team’s goals, your company’s needs and the candidate experience when choosing your tools. Keep these factors in mind when creating your remote hiring tech stack. Face-to-face conversations, maniacally scribbling down interview notes and trying to remember if one candidate stood out more than another…Ah, those were the days.

Effective remote interviewing requires modifying the traditional approach to hiring. As the workplaces made the shift to home and virtual offices, so does the interviewing process need a shift in perspective. Here are some of the ways remote interviewing fosters a more effective hiring process. Moreover, 88% of professionals believe video conferencing is best suited for remote interviewing, according https://remotemode.net/ to the latest meeting statistics. Traits like tenacity and being proactive are extremely valuable when you have team members working remotely. This question is open-ended enough so that you can get a feel for what the person’s priorities are. And it can help you assess how much of a self-starter someone is, while also learning about their work ethic and their approach to time management.

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